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May 10

Textured Visual resume

I like the use of big typos and the texture on the background.

May 10

Diagonal visual resume

Growing timeline in diagonal is nice, but reading text in that angle might become difficult. Nice use of colors though.

Mar 10

Lifemap resume example

Feb 10

Text bubbles resume

Actually what I like about this resume, is not the resume itself, but the text bubbles that are on top of it, describing each section and what should be inserted in there. These could give some ideas about a nice and clean resume. Have any? Describe yours in the comments.


Feb 10

Infographic resume

Infographic resume sample

Since this sample include also the text of the actual resume/presentation, but also some nice additional graphics at the top, this can be a valid solution that HR people might also like. What do you think?

Jan 10

Text circles resume

text in circle resume

“Hard to read, nice to watch”. It looks very eye-catching. Looks more like a movie poster instead of a resume. I would include on the back of this the information re-arranged so you can read it more easily.

Jan 10

Keyword Resume


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