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Feb 10

10 free resume templates to download

Meet Mister Stevenson.  This website was an experiment conducted by Smashing Magazine.  The idea was to design a visual resume in a few hours for Mister Stevenson. An imaginary character, but with “real” information. Directly from SM website here’s their description: “Everyone likes a competition. How about one in which ten good Web designers have to design the same resume in only a few hours? Meet Steven Stevenson.”

Above are 10 great designs as resume examples for Steven Stenvenson.

I personally prefer the ones from Sam Brown and Sarah Parmenter.  Sources in Adobe Illustrator format are included in the zip below.

Download all in PDF >>

Download sources >>

Feb 10

Simple and clean text resume

This kind of resume is both simple and functional. Because using typography you make the difference and functional because you provide easy accessible information about who you are, your experience and skills. Nice and clean resume.