Resume example

Illustration curriculum vitae

Clean resume.

Visual resume

Available for hire – resume

Fabric resume

Great use of medium for a curriculum vitae/resume. It would really make a difference if attached to a standard resume.

Textured Visual resume

I like the use of big typos and the texture on the background.

Diagonal visual resume

Growing timeline in diagonal is nice, but reading text in that angle might become difficult. Nice use of colors though.

Graphic resume example

Curicculum Vitae with icons

Great use of icons for this visual resume.

Career infographic

“Well, I have been working on this Visual Resume for about a month now. Each time I think I am done, I get a new idea and a new version is created. Here is the latest version which I really like how it look from an information perspective as well as a visual perspective.

One question that might be asked is why create a visual resume when you are not a graphic artist? For me the answer is that it forces you to look at your career from yet another perspective. Same reason I encourage folks to create a CV as well as update their resume. It forces you to look at your career from a different angle and hopefully reveal something you hadn’t thought about.”

Submitted by: Todd Stephens